In Óptima, each and every step leading to the ultimate success of each transaction, is supervised by an experienced professional team.

  1. “Excellence and quality of service is our main motivation. Óptima is focused on providing the highest standard of financial advice and service that will allow our customers to achieve their goals.”


Óptima’s partners are committed to understanding the needs and priorities of their clients in order to design and implement the best solution.

  1. “We build enduring and strong relationships based on the highest standard of service to our customers.”


    Óptima´s professionals are personally committed to ensuring absolute confidentiality to their clients, from the initial contact to the completion of the transaction.

  1. “Our full dedication to financial and strategic advisory deals, and our independence from other financial groups with conflicting interests allow us to ensure the confidentiality of each process in which our firm is involved.”


Óptima has advised on more than 150 transactions in over 20 countries in a wide range of sectors, and in very diverse and highly complex situations.

“We have built a reputation and proven our capability to deliver commitment, experience, judgment and creativity to offer effective tailored solutions to complex situations, and outstanding execution skills.”


Óptima’s structure, in which its professional staff are shareholders, and its exclusive dedication to financial and strategic advice, ensures a lack of conflicts of interest.

  1. “In the current environment, the need for independent, free of conflict and expert advice is increasing. Our full commitment to financial and strategic independent advice, enables us to align interests with those of our clients without the inherent conflicts of interest of our multiservice competitors.”